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Third Party Facilitators:

In recent years, Immigration has designated third parties such as IOM and VFS to act in certain countries as facilitators for the immigration process. Problems can arise where immigrants seek and obtain advice from these third party facilitators. These facilitators often have limited training if any in doing immigration applications. Our office has seen several examples of poorly completed applications done by these third party facilitators that leads to failure. In addition, unlike a lawyer who is bound to maintain confidential any and all client information, there is no such obligation on these third party facilitators. In the case of VFS, it was announced not long ago that thousands of applications were available online to anyone who sought to look. Confidential information was available to the public! Thousands of applicants were at risk of having their personal information stolen and/or used by thieves, terrorists, and anyone else who accessed the information.

Another concern is where the third party facilitator answers to the local authorities; there is insufficient oversight of these third party facilitators to allow them to represent applicants making immigration applications. For example, through breaches of confidentiality, there is the risk that the local authorities would learn that a certain applicant is seeking to emigrate to Canada, and prevent the person from leaving.

While third party facilitators may be useful for delivery of documentation, an applicant should rely on a properly licenced lawyer to prepare and represent the applicant in an immigration application.

Final Note:

In many cases, persons seeking entry to Canada for a temporary purpose, apply themselves, especially for a visitor visa. However for cases, where Canadian immigration rejects the applicant, the second attempt is much more difficult. If the recent announcement requiring visitor visa applicants put up bonds is applied, then there may be an opportunity created for those who would normally be refused to be accepted providing they provide the necessary cash bond requested by immigration. Where the application is less than straightforward, an applicant seeking the safest and least risky approach for applying for a visitor visa, should seek professional assistance from the start.

Similarly with respect to renewing Permanent Resident Cards as well as making citizenship applications, in order to follow the safest and least risky approach for applying for citizenship, an applicant should first seek professional assistance from the start.

Obtaining legal advice is very important, especially in complicated situations, to better lay the foundation for a successful application, especially in the current environment where Immigration authorities have become stricter in applying the temporary visa and citizenship criteria rules and regulations. Further, with respect to temporary visas, given the current trend toward refusing more and more temporary authorizations, there is a greater need to speak to a qualified immigration lawyer about the risks and pitfalls. As always, the prospective temporary visa applicant, should seek proper and honest legal advice in order that the prospective visa applicant does not lose the right to obtain the sought after visa.

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