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Moses Law Office

Providing Canadian Immigration Services since 1988

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Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Canadian Bar Association


The Firm History

.The firm Marvin Moses Law Office was founded in January 1991 by Marvin Moses, the founding associate, under the name of Moses & Associates. Marvin Moses graduated from the leading Canadian law school of Osgoode Hall in 1986, and was called to the Bar of Ontario in April 1988. Marvin Moses had previously completed a Joint Honours program in the world reknown international McGill University in 1983, in Montreal, Canada. After then completing a Masters in Business Administration at the prestigious business facility at Canada's York University in 1989, Marvin Moses opened the firm Marvin Moses Law Office in association with three other lawyers in 1991. In 1993, the office was moved to central downtown Toronto, and now operates in association with over fifteen associated lawyers at various locations practicing in various areas of the law. In 2005, the firm name changed to Marvin Moses Law Office.

The Firm Lawyer

.Marvin Moses is a barrister and solicitor and notary public, in the Province of Ontario. Mr. Moses practices law relating to the laws of Provincial jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario and the laws of federal jurisdiction of the dominion of Canada. Mr. Moses' work is primarily in the area of immigration law, and business law. In combination with his other associates, services are offered in immigration, business, contract, real estate, family, civil litigation, international dealings, wills, landlord and tenant, administrative, and other areas of the law.

.Marvin Moses is conversant in English and Mandarin Chinese, and also has some knowledge of French, Japanese, and Cantonese.

.Marvin Moses believes very strongly in making people aware of Canadian immigration laws and the rights they have under these laws. To facilitate this goal, Mr. Moses tries to be active in various communities, through volunteering his time and legal skills to educate immigrants on Canada's immigration laws. He is periodically requested by various ethnic community newspapers to contribute articles on various immigration topics and has given interviews at press conferences and to newspapers on news-breaking immigration-related stories. Mr. Moses has also conducted seminars on various legal matters to increase the public's understanding of Canada's immigration laws.

.Early in 2003, Marvin Moses, as part of the Group of Seven lawyers who challenged the new 2002 Immigration Laws, scored a successful victory for his clients, the effects of which were later felt by tens of thousands of others in similar situations when the Court ordered an injunction prohibiting Immigration from refusing cases previously filed under the old Immigration Act until the Court dealt with the issues before it. About 100,000 immigration files in the system felt the effect of this victory.

.Marvin Moses has also been and continues to be involved in the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) and Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Citizenship and Immigration (C&I) Sections. He has held an OBA C&I Member-at-Large position for the 2005/6, 2006/7, 2007/8, and 2008/9 sessions, the Secretary position for the 2009/10 and 2010/11 sessions, and the Vice-Chair position for the 2011/12 and 2012/13 sessions. He is currently Chair of the section since June 2013. Mr. Moses has also been a CBA C&I Executive Member since the 2011/12 session up to the present. Mr. Moses is involved with several sub-committees as a part of his positions in the OBA and CBA C&I sections. The OBA and CBA C&I sections are active in representing immigration lawyers on a wide range of issues and advocate for improved immigration and citizenship laws, regulations, and policies.

.Marvin Moses has used his business skills to facilitate and be involved in international business transactions. This is outside his role as a lawyer, but his legal skills are also of advantage in these transactions, and are applied where useful to facilitate the transactions.

The Immigration Department

.Marvin Moses Law Office provides services in all areas of immigration law, including applications for the following categories: independents, entrepreneurs, investors, self-employed, family and spousal as well as common law and conjugal and other class sponsorships, study and work permits as well as visitor and other special temporary visas, citizenship, humanitarian claims, and refugees. Marvin Moses Law Office also provides services relating to issues involving retaining Permanent Resident Status, removal of conditions for entrepreneurs, and matters relating to violations of the immigration laws and inadmissibility issues. The law firm also provides services pertaining to appeals, in all of the above areas.

The Firm Network

.Marvin Moses Law Office believes that the immigration process does not stop when an immigrant enters Canada. We, at Marvin Moses Law Office have developed a firm network of non-legal professional services in an effort to better serve our clients. Through this firm network, professional services are available for helping new immigrants settle in Canada. Although not in any way part of Marvin Moses Law Office, the professionals who handle the general and life insurance, real estate, financial planning, and accounting, have all earned through their long working relationship with the firm, the trust and goodwill of Marvin Moses Law Office. We have no hesitation in referring new immigrants to these professionals based on their reputation and ability to satisfy our very demanding standards.

The Firm Policy

.Marvin Moses Law Office believe that only qualified lawyers should be used to facilitate immigration to Canada. At the firm, all work is done and completed by qualified lawyers who are highly trained in immigration law and take pride in ensuring that the work is of top quality. Only those cases that are likely to succeed will be accepted by the firm. All clients are treated with the greatest respect.

The Firm Reputation

.Marvin Moses Law Office is well-known in all of the communities that it is involved in for its honesty, integrity, aggressiveness and professional legal service.